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Achievement Topic

Post by ncbcca on Fri Sep 19 2008, 01:04

I have, at this moment, just over 33% of the total posts on this forum. Worth a tiny mention.

*Obtain badge of 33%*

As for other achievements...come and you shall receive...

- Participation Badge
- Spam n00b Badge (Produce over 50 spam messages)
- Spam Novice Badge (Produce over 75 spam messages)
- Spam Adept Badge (Produce over 100 spam messages)
- x2 Post Badge (x2 post 5 times)
- x5 Post Badge (x5 post 1 time)
- x10 Post Badge (x10 post 1 time)
- Pyramid Builder Badge (place at least 10 posts in a pyramid of quotes)
- Flamed Badge (get flamed over 5 times)
- Topic n00b Badge (Make over 5 topics)
- Topic Novice Badge (Make over 10 topics)
- Topic Adept Badge (Make over 15 topics)
- Topic Spam Badge (Make over 5 off-topic topics)
- Archive Badge (Most topics in Archive section)
- Quote Badge (quoted over 20 posts)
- Bold Badge (Use bold once)
- Italics Badge (Use italics once)
- Image Badge (host an image)
- Avatar Badge (get an avatar)
- Sig n00b Badge (get a text sig)
- Domination Badge (Host a pic of having been the last poster in all sections at once)
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Level 2 Poster

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Re: Achievement Topic

Post by kyoghin on Fri Sep 19 2008, 01:05

Good idea, however, we should persuade those who with to achieve this in the offtopic thread.


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